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Neuro XR's 2023

Updated: Feb 27

2023: An Amazing Start

In December 2023, we completed our pre-seed funding round, managing a fantastic 130% of our fundraising goal. This wouldn't have been possible without the backing of our investors, who have shown immense trust in our vision for the future of technology.

The capital injection has been beneficial. It has allowed us to grow our technical team, bringing in new talent to push our project forward. More importantly, this funding gave us the runway to develop our technology's prototype, see our first patent granted, and begin building relationships with our customers.

Elena, CEO, remarks: “ 2023 was a great year for us. The key goal at Neuro XR is to bring scientific accuracy into the commercial space, where before it's been lacking. Our fantastic team have exceeded our expectations when it comes to innovation, and we're achieving the goals we worked hard for."

Matt, CTO, adds: “We're unbelievably proud of both our team and our technology. From idea, to patent, to prototype and to product, the future impact of our tech on understanding human emotion is extremely exciting, and we can't wait to see what 2024 has to bring."


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