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Behavioral insights
to build immersive

virtual worlds

Know what your customers and users feel in the virtual worlds through the power of our neuro insights platform.

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Enhance your virtual reality platform experience based on your user's emotional feedback

We leverage neuroscience to help the virtual world and metaverse creators discover the emotional impact of their stores and platforms on their customers.

Game Development

Assess the emotional response of your users and get feedback to change the gameplay dynamics and how in-game ads are integrated.

Virtual E-Commerce and Retail

Our platform can provide live feedback on your user's journey through the virtual store.

Understand what store and product layout works best for your customers

User Testing

Traditional surveys and user studies are limited to showing how customers feel. Using neuroscience, get quantifiable and real data of your user's feedback

Web3 Platform Development

Understand how your customers feel in the virtual worlds you envision and create for them. 

Use neurofeedback to increase interaction and unlock new revenues.

Our Team


Our Partners


Consulting Partnerships

Unlock the power of knowing what your customers and users feel about your products, platforms and virtual worlds

Through our special consulting projects, we work closely with partners to validate their user experience flows and immersion levels of their products by using psychology and neuroscience.

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